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About our hostel

The guests:

• bedroom for 2, 6, 8 and 10 guests
• ergonomic mattresses
• A large comfortable lounge with couches, board games, library, TV and DVD
• Fully equipped kitchen
• Free tea
• perfectly clean bathrooms
• individual lockers
• available Wi-Fi Internet
• capable staff for booking tickets and other emergency situations, organizing transfers

About the benefits of our hostel:

• location in the heart of Moscow
• low prices
• wakeup call up on request
• Friendly and responsive staff
• cozy and clean rooms
• Fully equipped kitchen

Our heritage hostel was recently renovated by the world renowned architect (Robert Klein in 1899-1901).

At a general gray background, this building is richly decorated and as a professionally made home, stands out. The facade of the house - is an Italian Renaissance palazzo, with metric division and an abundance of Rustic features.

Baroque frame of the bay windows and broken pediments indicate an eclectic compilation of different styles. In this case, the contours of the bottom of the bay windows over the entrances have a noticeable impact.

Depre was the first high class French wine importing merchant that was the owner of this property. Previously the vast basement of this property was used as a wine cellar by the "Depre" but at the present time is the cellar for "Samtrest".

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